Geocompas III

GEOGRAPHY ON ESSAY COMPETITION FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDENT or GEOCOMPAS is an essay competition for student in Southeast Asia presented by Student Association at Geography Department, Faculty of Social Science, Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia as one of event at The 8th GEOGRAPHY CHAMPIONSHIP. This even is not limited for Geography Student but widely open for other backgrounds. We hope this event could be a place for Southeast Asian Student on scientific writing contest.

Development is a process of change that covers all social systems, such as politics, economics, infrastructure, defense, education and technology, institutions, and culture (Alexander 1994). Portes (1976) defines development as an economic, social and cultural transformation. Development is an effort to improve the living conditions of the people carried out by a certain area that pays attention to all aspects of people's lives. The area development is not only focused on the urban area, but also on the rural area. Urban and rural development need to be integrated. An urban area is defined as a geographical area with relatively have high density, dominated by non-agricultural activities. Whereas the urban area is a legal entity in which a ruling society lives and the community holds its own government. The understanding of rural and urban area is not only talk about an administrative aspect, but also in term of morphological aspect. As an integrated development, urban and rural development cannot be separated from innovation and renewal, especially innovation in the field of disaster, considering to the fact that Indonesia is a disaster-prone country. The disaster issues are not only as a natural disaster, but also a social disaster. Therefore, the Geography Championship 2019 brings the topic on Urban-Rural Development with the understanding of Disaster to grow the innovations for the youth of Southeast Asia.